Our Effects


Large or small, contained or outside, but always safe. We can provide spectacular, controlled explosions using a variety of methods and materials, allowing us to cater for almost any situation. Every explosion is carefully planned and structured leaving nothing to chance, ensuring the safety of cast and crew, and of the surrounds. We also provide nitrogen and air based propellant effects, which are capable of moving sfx debris and material blast through doors or into the sky, without an explosive charge in sight.


Imagine being able to command the rain? Well, you can! We can provide ultra-realistic rain effects, from small, localised drizzle to gale-swept monsoon conditions! We have hand-held rain rigs, perfect for quick-turnarounds and for tracking camera shots.

Smoke, Steam & Atmos

Atmospheric effects provide instant depth and onscreen value quickly and affordably. With the ability to capture and hold stunning beams of light, our atmos replicates beautiful sunbeams, softening the image and providing an ethereal effect in studio or location. Our steam effects will provide that amazing, back-lit New York streets effect that looks so good on the screen. And if it’s smoke you need to recreate a war scene or fire, we offer established and portable smoke effects, perfect for moving camera shots.

Fire & Fire Cover

Like our explosions, we can offer controlled fires of all sizes. Placing emphasis on health and safety, our rigs will be fully tested and controlled, leaving nothing to chance, ensuring the health and safety of the cast and crew at all times. Recreating fire requires skill and respect, which we pride ourselves on. We can create fire that is safe for cast and crew to be near, and larger fires that will demand safer distances. But every one we build will be properly thought through, set up and controlled. We will inform you when a fire effect will require fume filtration, to ensure the wellbeing of everyone on set. We can also arrange for professional fire cover, with fire crews and water bowser on set, if required.


using biodegradable materials, we can recreate stunning snow effects, from night-time blizzards, to dressing snowy sets or locations. Our results will make you feel ‘colder’ when you see them! We also stick snow candles, which provide a stunning, ethereal effect outside, especially in woodland.

Squibs & Bullets

We can offer a variety of bullet hit effects, from pneumatic rigs, to controlled wireless detonations. We offer the latest in radio controlled firing systems, allowing for complicated bullet hit sequences, on both sets and actors. We will work with the costume department to find the best solutions for rigged bullet hits, to provide the most realistic on screen shots possible.


Often overlooked but feature in many film and television productions, fireplaces require portable and silent solutions. We have built many fireplace rigs over the years, and can build a fully controlled fire effect that runs safely and silently – crucial for the sound department’s nerves…!


from a gently rustling curtain, to force-10 gale, we can provide a wide variety of wind effects. We have multiple tools for wind effects, from portable hand-held solutions, to large-scale machines.

Dust & Debris

Whether you’re looking to recreate falling walls or structure, or dressing a post-apocalyptic scene, we can provide you a huge range of realistic and affordable dust and debris effects. We do not use dangerous materials – if we’re not comfortable with it, then we won’t use it on set either.

Stage Pyrotechnics

Our speciality. Using the latest remote firing systems and over 40 years’ collective experience, our pyrotechnical displays are unlike any other. We offer all manner of firework displays, catering for the smaller events such as a private party or wedding, through to large-scale promotions and events. We are fully qualified pyrotechnicians, and can build bespoke pyrotechnics fireworks rigs to order, if required.


Nothing looks better than a night scene with the light reflecting from the cobbles. This is achieved through wetting down the area with water. We can provide large or small water bowsers, for sets and locations of all sizes.

Engineering Solutions

Another area of expertise. Our highly skilled engineers can build literally anything, in our fully equipped workshop based in Bristol. From concept to design, to safe delivery on set, we work closely with you and to your specifications, delivering bespoke, one-of-a-kind builds and rigs for truly unforgettable special effects and stage pyrotechnics.

SFX Pyro

Smaller than stage pyrotechnics, but no-less effective, our SFX pyro effects can provide realistic bullet and ground hits, sparking lightbulb and electrical effects, mini-explosions and much besides. We also use zerk hits: air-gun pellets that create an impressive spark upon impact. Dust versions are also available.