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Special Effects


Turn up the heat at your next event.
Elemental. Powerful. Raw. Firestorm Pyro FX can create spectacular, safe flame effects for your event. Creating audience impact and adrenaline.
The G-Flame is a new and very versatile flame projector that offers a number of features. It can be used indoor and outdoor.
Our completely wireless flame unit setup means placement of the flame units is made easy.
Compared with other systems the G-Flame generates a significantly higher and fuller flame giving the effect a much nicer overall appearance. The noise level of the G-Flame is very low making it ideal for Stage and TV. The flame stops rapidly after closing the valves.
Also on offer are our dump tank flames. Creating a massive ball effect flame when 10 litres of gas is dumped in one hit! Fantastic to catch spectator’s attention from miles around.
We also offer bespoke made units to your spec, designed and built to the highest standard.

Stage Pyro

To bring a flash of colour and excitement to your performance, look no further than Firestorm Pyro FX.
Complementing the indoor kit G Flames we have on offer:
Multiple duration and height Gerbs, Waterfalls, Theatrical Flashes, Stage Mines, confetti cartridges, CO2 T-shirt launchers, Smoke, Snow and Foam Machines.
We can offer the biggest and best confetti drops you have ever seen with either CO2 loaded cannons, swirl fans and more with your choice in confetti colour.
Want to make your Christmas or winter event extra special? We have snow effects and machines to help along the merry way.


With our bespoke, in-house built cannons we are proud with the maximum outcome to fill any room with an amazing confetti drop to amaze anyone. These units are fan operated so only a power supply is needed to operate with now expensive C02 bottles required.
The units are very powerful. At any occasion you can rely on it. Confetti is sucked up through a venture effect and thrown up over 25m. Using them to continuously throw up large quantities of stage confetti, paper snow, flower petals, popcorn, foam balls etc. Your limit is your imagination.
We can also supply one of the largest high powered snow machine/ cannons in the UK, capable of firing snow over 15 – 20 meters into the air. This is an electric snow cannon so can be placed anywhere as long as close to a power supply. This machine is great for small to large outdoor events and works really well for Christmas light switch-on.
Also being a Universal Effects dealer up for hire or purchase are multiple machines. Please click here for retail list.

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